He who laughs, lasts!

Zig Zigler

In our last blog post we discussed some simple steps for you to start incorporating humour and fun into your role as manager. Humour and good fun can help shape the culture of a workplace. By giving people the permission to have some healthy fun will often improve their desire to be at work. Here are few extra tips and possible tidbits for you to save for future meetings/memos or newsletter!

Here’s an idea

Fun is a simple phenomenon – anyone can participate. It doesn’t require special training, it won’t necessarily cost money, and the benefits are infinite. Plus – it can have a positive impact on the lives of the people you work with every day.

Which is why Dave Hemsath and Leslie Yerkes in ‘301 Ways to Have Fun at Work’ propose the following 12-step program for workplace fun. They suggest you ‘read it daily, poke fun at yourself frequently, and perhaps commit to implementing one step a month for an entire year’…

  • Start with yourself.
  • Inspire fun in others.
  • Create an environment that encourages fun.
  • Celebrate the benefits of fun.
  • Eliminate boundaries and obstacles that inhibit fun.
  • Look for the humour in your situation.
  • Follow your intuition – be spontaneous.
  • Don’t postpone your fun.
  • Make fun inclusive.
  • Smile and laugh a lot.
  • Become known as ‘fun loving’.
  • Put fun into action.

And their book lists a wide-ranging collection of fun activities in such areas as the work environment, training, communication, meetings, recognition, and team building – in fact, 301 of them.


Smile & ponderManagement are sometimes responsible for bringing a sense of fun and humour to the workplace. Never underestimate the power of humour. For more training on management, visit Global Training Institute.

A pilot on one of the major airlines would wait until the going got bumpy, then stroll through the cabin with a book under his arm. The title, which he kept prominently displayed, was ‘How to Fly in 20 Easy Lessons’.

  • A little humour can often relieve stress and defuse a tricky situation, whatever the workplace.


Research says

In a survey of 329 company executives, 97% agreed that humour is valuable in business, and 60% felt that a sense of humour can be a deciding factor in deter-mining how successful a person can be in the business world. Over 84% of personnel directors said that staff with a sense of humour do better work.

Terry Bravermann in Training and Development magazine.


Want to?

An environment that fosters fun, write Dave Hemsath and Leslie Yerkes in ‘301 Ways to Have Fun at Work’, is characterised by positive energy, high self esteem, and team spirit. People feel alive and want to give their best effort to the task. Fun contributes to the creation of an environment that nurtures and sustains what we call employee ‘want to’. You cannot put a price on ‘want to’. Individuals can be trained to do just about everything, but first they must have the motivation. Fun can enhance motivation. If work and the work environment are fun, the results will be better.


Good health is just a chuckle away

The saying that ‘laughter is the best medicine’ may well be right, according to the founder of Dr Madan Kataria, who has been directly responsible for setting up Laughter Clubs International of which there are 500 clubs worldwide.

His theory is that laughter improves happiness and health-and in the process lowers stress and high blood pressure, reduces depression, and alleviates chronic illnesses such as arthritis.

There are several studies to support his view, demonstrating that laughter produces endorphins, natural chemicals that ease pain and produce feelings of euphoria, helping people to cope with their physical stress and chronic pain.

‘People used to laugh a lot more than they do today,’ he says. ‘In the 1950s people laughed for 18 minutes a day, on average. Now it’s less than six minutes a day.’

All of which is good reason to put a little more fun into your day, and perhaps, between chuckles, to check out www.indiabuzz.com/laughter


Humour is important

“Take your work seriously, but don’t take yourself too seriously” is an old adage which remains meaningful for us all in today’s working environment. We have to take what we do seriously but we can have fun while we work.

Roger Herman in ‘Keeping Good People’ reminds us that ‘happy, relaxed employees are more productive. They work well in an environment with less stress and the enhanced comraderie… As employees and managers show their sense of humour and encourage enjoyment of working together to accomplish results, employees will develop better attitudes towards their job. As a consequence, absenteeism will drop and productivity and job satisfaction will rise.’


A powerful tool

Humour ranks among the most powerful of management tools and serves many functions: it can be a coping mechanism, a negotiation facilitator, a communication instrument, a cognitive tool, a creative force, a survival device, and much more.


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