Before beginning your training, it’s important to know the different options so that you don’t get stuck in a situation that you cannot manage. RTOs want to make sure that the training is tailored to suit your needs.

Here are some options to consider:

Full-time or Part-time

Full-time training is a quick way to finish a course. It is intense and can be completed as within days or weeks, depending on the size of the course. This would mean you would need to be studying rather than working.

Part-time training is completed in a structured way over time. For example, you may decide that every Saturday will be set aside for training. Part-time allows students to remain working, but increases the course length.

During hours or After hours

RTO’s will generally cater for people who work as well as study. Therefore, there are ways to structure the course so that any compulsory classes can be attended at night. This can be negotiated with your chosen RTO so that you find a structure that suits you.

On or Off Site

Training can take place at an RTO or, if you are organising training within your workplace, on the business grounds. RTOs will sometimes be prepared to run training on site at the business/organisation premises. This means that employees can participate in training while at work. Alternatively, employees can be trained via distance education if the RTO is too far away.

Distance Education/Online

Distance Education/Online options mean that trainees can complete their course from home and classes/assessment/training is all done over the phone, through mail or on the internet. Participants who do this type of delivery need to be self-motivated.


Most RTOs will offer most of these options, and there is the possibility that you can tailor your course to include a variety of delivery methods.

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