Ever wondered why it’s hard to remember the route to a particular place when you were the passenger in the car? Why is it that the driver will most likely remember exactly where to go? Having to actually do the driving and take part in the action of finding the destination causes the information to be embedded in our minds. This is an important thing to remember if you are an employer, a manager or a supervisor needing to train others.

At Global Training Institute we value people’s learning and endeavour to give everyone an opportunity to learn in their chosen way.

Learning is inhibited when you as the ‘trainer’:

  • Tell them exactly how to do something
  • Do it for them
  • Provide every answer for them when they ask questions
  • Allow them to remain in their comfort zones
  • Refuse to accept mistakes and expect perfection
  • Refuse to guide them through learning from their mistakes

Learning is enhanced when you as the ‘trainer’:

  • Push them beyond their comfort zone
  • Encourage and allow mistakes
  • Coach them to learn from their mistakes
  • Ask them questions to that they have to articulate what they’re learning
  • Let them do it with a few instructions
  • Let them figure it out on their own with some guidance

Giving them an opportunity to articulate what they’re doing and why is a great way to help them embed the information and the process into their memory. Allow them to feel safe in making mistakes so that they can discover why the process has to be done a particular way.

Ask questions like: Why are you doing this step now? What is the next step? Why is this important?

And although it may be hard to silence the voice in your head that is screaming at you to highlight their mistakes, just listen and let the mistakes happen so they can learn from it.

See if this changes anything the next time you are training someone!

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