If you are looking for appropriate training for your organisation there are a couple of things you need to consider, including:

  • Identifying what the business needs
  • Identifying what the employees need
  • Identifying and Recognising what skills already exist

If you can recognise that training will greatly benefit your business, then it’s time to find out what training is needed to fill the gaps.

To do this, an assessment of the skill and knowledge gaps within your business will give you a clear understanding of the training needs.  You can do this assessment in multiple ways including personal interviews, supervisory observation, surveys etc.

During your assessment ask the following questions:

  • What is the overall vision of the business? Where is the business heading?
  • What areas of the business could benefit from more training?
  • What are the desired outcomes of training?
  • What resources are allocated or available for training purposes?
  • Are the staff committed and prepared to be involved in training?

Also, ensure that leaders and managers are a part of the decision process by sharing what their objectives are and how much investment they are willing to place on training.

After you have evaluated the needs of the business, it’s time to get feedback from the employees about their needs and training objectives. You can receive this feedback in multiple ways such as above.

Ask the following questions when identifying the needs of your employees:

  • How could the supervisors improve in their role? What gaps may they have?
  • Are there areas of the business that could be improved? Systems, departments etc.
  • What are vital skills within the running of the business? Who has these skills?

Evaluating training outcomes:

Anything that is implemented within a business needs to have some sort of return on investment. To ensure you do not waste resources on training that will not align with the overall objectives of the business, ask these questions to justify the training:

Is the training in line with the overall business objectives?

Will the training help you match, or beat, competitor’s performance?

Have you set realistic business goals that training can help achieve?

Is training the best option for the achievement of the goals?

Will the cost of the training be worth the return?

How will the effectiveness of the training be measured?

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