JobTrainer – SA, NSW 


The Australian Government has partnered with participating State and Territory governments to create the JobTrainer subsidy for those needing new skills or recognition of existing skills, in order to gain employment.

The funding available varies by State, to help us identify what funding you may be eligible for, click on the State in which you live OR work:

New South Wales
South Australia

Global Training Institute has limited subsidised places available for the
Diploma of Quality Auditing

 Diploma of Quality Auditing + Diploma of Business Administration (BONUS)

Diploma of Work Health and Safety.

To find out about your eligibility, complete the enquiry form below or give us a call on 1800 998 500 today.

Eligibility – South Australia JobTrainer

Eligibility Requirements

Live in South Australia

AND are you:

  • unemployed / Not working


  • aged between 17 to 24 years and not enrolled in secondary school;


  • hold a Health Care, Pensioner or Veteran Affairs concession card

AND are you:

  • an Australian or New Zealand citizen OR
  • a permanent Australian resident, OR
  • an eligible visa holder (See eligible visas below)

If you meet all these requirements, you may be eligible for SA JobTrainer funding towards your qualification, if not we have other funding available that you may be eligible for.

Eligible Visas

In addition to all permanent residency visa holders, the following temporary visa are eligible for subsidised training:

  • Skilled – Work Regional (subclass 491)
  • Skilled – Regional (Provisional) Visa (subclass 489)
  • Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (subclass 494)
  • Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) Visa, subclass 188
  • Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (SHEV), subclass 790
  • Bridging Visa E (BE), subclass 050 and 051
  • Temporary Protection Visa (TPV), subclass 785
  • Bridging Visa F (BVF), subclass 060
  • Partner Visa (Temporary), subclass 820 and 309

Visa holders on the following repealed provisional visas are also eligible for subsidised training:

  • Skilled – Regional (Provisional) Visa (subclass 489)
  • Skilled – Regional Sponsored Visa (subclass 475)
  • Skilled – Regional Sponsored Visa (subclass 487)
  • Skilled Independent – Regional (Provisional) Visa (subclass 495)
  • Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (Permanent) Visa (subclass 187)
  • Senior Executive (Provisional) Visa (subclass 161)
  • Investor (Provisional) Visa (subclass 162)
  • State/Territory Sponsored Business Owner (Provisional) Visa, subclass 163
  • State/Territory Sponsored Senior Executive (Provisional) Visa, subclass 164
  • State/Territory Sponsored Investor (Provisional) Visa, subclass 165

Eligibility Definitions


A Participant is employed if they:

  • In the last four weeks, have worked for one hour or more for pay, profit, commission or payment in kind, in a job or business or on a farm (employees and owner managers of incorporated or unincorporated enterprises).
  • In the last four weeks, have worked for one hour or more without pay in a family business or on a farm (contributing family workers).
  • Are in an employment contract but have not worked as a result of a standard work or shift arrangement, strike or workers’ compensation with expectation to return to their job.
  • Are an owner manager who have a job, business or farm, but was not at work.

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