When choosing what training is right for your business, it is important to assess what the needs of the employees are so that the training is matched appropriately.

There is training available for all staff members, including entry level workers to managers and board executives.

Global Training Institute works closely with companies to ensure that training is relevant to employee needs.To help identify the needs of specific employees, ask the following questions:

–          What skills and knowledge are required for staff members to efficiently fulfil their roles?

–          How is their success measured?

–          Are the employees meeting these levels?

Don’t hesitate to ask your employees. They will be your best information resource.

Matching needs with training

Explore the many Training Packages across the different industries to identify which ones matches the needs of employees. Training Packages outline what skills will be acquired throughout the course and how they will be assessed.

Gauge employee’s response

To ensure that the training investment does not go to waste, gauge whether the employees are willing to participate and make the most of the training opportunity.

–          Are the employee’s ready to accept the training?

–          How do your employees learn most effectively?

–          Do they have expectations of the training? What are they?

–          Will the training impact on the employee’s regular job?

–          Does the training need to be individually tailored depending on age, gender or skill sets?

Obtaining this information from your employees so that you are both aware or whether the training will be effective.  What other methods have you used to identify training needs of your employee?

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