It’s now time to ring in the New Year, and what better way than to start 2014 than with a clean slate?

We have trained and have coached thousands of people – and one of the biggest business killers is a combination of “lack of focus”. And when you have a cluttered workspace – you naturally feel unfocused.

Here are four simple tasks to get your workspace or business un-cluttered so you can focus on world domination in 2015… is that too much to ask for?

Just follow these steps below and you won’t believe the sense of calm and clarity you’ll achieve. Give it a try today…

Cluttered Desk


Go through your inbox. And every list you are on which provides zero value – unsubscribe today.

You know which one’s I’m talking about. (Where they give no content and it’s only sales pitch after sales pitch). You might be surprised just how many no-content lists you are on.

These emails will distract you with bright shiny objects and are work and business killers. Trust me, you won’t miss anything. And you will have a more productive day.

Neat Desk



Remove everything from both of your desktops.

One is your actual computer desktop background. Put all of those files into one folder and get them off your desktop.

And the second desktop is your workspace. Only keep what you use every day (computer and maybe a pencil and notebook). Get rid of things like staplers, tape, and paperclips.



Depending on how many emails you have, set aside a few hours to get your inbox to zero. Since I was off a few days for Christmas, mine is now at 102, but I will get back to zero today.

And when you have a clean inbox, you can’t imagine the sense of clarity and freedom you experience.



If you work out of a briefcase or ute – you need something to carry your laptop. And that laptop bag or ute dash can quickly become cluttered with papers, business cards and who knows what else.

Spend a few minutes and trash everything you don’t need. My messenger bag has only my laptop, pen and a composition notebook – and it’s sweet indeed.

There you go.. some simple things you can do today to free your mind and de-clutter your workspace.

And once you get un-cluttered, set aside just 10 minutes a day to stay that way!