Ready to hear about our great new referral program?? You could receive:

2 x FREE Movie tickets for You

 while helping your Friends…

 or even have a FREE Holiday on us!!

movie tickets


Simple – all you need to do is refer some of your work colleagues to undertake a qualification course with Global Training Institute.

Why refer your friends…

Your friends and colleagues will benefit:

  • they get to set their career up
  • have their experienced recognised, gain new skills
  • deal with a company that offers them personalised service and has an over 80% completion rating.

You will benefit:

By referring your friends, you are helping us

  • to save marketing dollars which allows us to pass on better service and greater rewards to you …
  • make sure we have a strong and healthy business, so we’re around in the future when you wish to upgrade your qualifications
  • to work with only the best type of people

How you will be rewarded…

Every time one of your friends enrols in a course, we send you 2 movie tickets!

Just get 5 of your friends to enrol in a year and we will work out a holiday for you!!

How to refer your friends…

  1. Tell them about the training and course that you are doing
  2. Get them to contact us, tell us that you referred them and we will have a chat with them.
  3. You can give them a business card,  tell them our phone number – 1800 998500 or tell them to visit our website:

We are looking forward to working with your friends and sending YOU to the Movies!