Notification of Withdrawal from Course

Please complete this if you wish to withdraw from your course.

If you have been paying your tuition fees via VET Student Loans, completion of this form will mean that no further further debt will be incurred for future VET Units of Study. For any VET Units of Study Census Dates that have already passed prior to the completion of this form, the VET Student Loans debt for those units will remain.

Withdrawal of enrolment from a VET unit of study prior to the end of the census date must be in accordance with Global Training Institute Pty Ltd’s withdrawal policy. Withdrawal will result in the student listed on this notice not incurring a VET Student Loan dept and/or receiving a refund for any up-front payments;

Global Training Institute Pty Ltd ensures there are not financial, administrative or other barriers that would result in a student not being able to withdraw from a VET unit of study on or before the census date. If a current participant is thinking of withdrawing from study, the participant should contact the Global Training Institute Pty Ltd Student Support Centre for specific support and advice on their individual situation.