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Certificate IV in Environmental Management and Sustainability

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How to Advance your Career

They are practical qualifications that are suitable for staff of all levels, including Administrators, Supervisors and Managers, and they can be completed with the flexibility of online or through in-house training for groups of people.

A Local Government qualification from Global Training Institute is recognised Australia-wide, and is highly regarded internationally. All qualifications are accredited and in line with AQF standards. It will boost the productivity of your staff and help them to achieve their career goals. Contact us for more information regarding Local Government courses.

The diversity of our training courses, and the flexible ways in which they can be undertaken, are a reflection of Councils’ needs in the twenty-first century – from ‘soft-skill‘ courses like customer contact, teamwork, and leadership, through to management and civil work courses.

Global Training Institute‘s trainers are hands-on with a wealth of business and management work experience. Through interaction with many different Councils they bring you, your management and staff, fresh concepts and practical strategies that can be applied immediately to current work situations.

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Here’s what our students say about our courses…

“I found each unit of the training was beneficial, the whole training provided the potential to advance in my career within and outside of Councils. I believe the managers in local government would benefit from this course. I found the support processes were extremely helpful and the adaptability of the training staff to cater for my needs while holding a full time job were well done.” – John Casey 

“I think the course was an accurate reflection on what I’ve been doing for the last 6 years and confirmed the policies and processes relating to the workforce/workplace were relevant. The GTI staff and trainers have been very supportive and always available to assist, guide, advise when asked. I would very much recommend the training to others as a method of formally recognizing what they already do and to qualify them for future employment at a higher level.” – Gary Shakespeare 

“Excellent course and top Trainer – very useful. Everything was at an excellent level. The Diploma of Local Government Operation Works/Management has a lot to do with our work very relevant and useful to work. This means it is useful to me personally and to our Council. I now have more practical management skills to use for my work.” – Amjad Maaya – Supervisor, Liverpool City Council

“Hi Anne, just letting you know I was successful with my application for the Works Overseer Position that was advertised at Burdekin Shire Council. I am starting the new job next Monday. I am sure it was the Diploma’s that got me across the line, thanks to Shane and yourself.” – Robert Potter

Global Training Institute offers 6 main funding options…

Limited Funded places may be available from the following Government and Industry Programs. To find out more details, to see if we have places available and if you are eligible, go to our Funding Options.

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