Why do employees need to be energised? Shouldn’t they be responsible to do that for themselves? Managers and employers are becoming more and more aware that energising employees benefits, not only the employee, but the whole company or organisation. If the working team are motivated and feel supported by their bosses, nothing can stand in their way!

Here are 6 reasons where energising may need to occur and why:

  1. If the company has recently experienced downsizing and severe organisational change, employees may feel unsettled and insecure about their positions. This could cause them to be less productive than possible. Ensure you create an environment that rebuilds trust and empowers those who are still working at the organisation. They will be re-energised and ready to progress.
  2. Employees today, because of generational differences, prefer to be more self-directed rather and autonomous rather than constantly directed and managed. If you allow your employees to operate like this, they will feel like they have some ownership and will endeavour to do their best.
  3. If managers create an atmosphere that values creative work environments, they will indirectly inspire their employees to be energised and begin thinking for themselves, offering ideas and giving more of themselves to the job.
  4. With the increasing technological take over, it’s important for manager’s to be different and have a high-touch philosophy. Employees will recognise this and be inspired by the care and personal communication.
  5. Whatever time you have with your employees should be positive and constructive. Be an inspiration to your employees.
  6. By valuing and acknowledging the achievements of your employees, you will undoubtedly inspire them to be energised and work harder.

By being a supportive manager that values relationship with your employees, you will create an atmosphere that inspires a strong work ethic, creativity and innovation. Your employees will be energised!

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