If you are providing training opportunities for your employees, there are a number of responsibilities you are legally and morally required to uphold.

Legal Obligations

Employers providing any form of training are required to:

  • Educate employees of their personal rights and responsibilities through the training process
  • Ensure no staff members are experiencing discrimination or harassment
  • Provide appropriate supervision and support
  • Provide a training friendly environment for staff including those with specific needs
  • Provide the necessary resources needed to complete the training
  • Have appropriate insurance policies in place, e.g. heavy machinery.

Moral practice

Although not enforced by law, there are other obligations that represent good leadership and practice. These include:

  • Actively reporting and recording the training and its outcomes
  • Filling any gap left by training employees, e.g. providing temporary workers
  • Providing strategies for any issues that arise due to the training situation.

Responsibilities to RTOs

If you as an employer have entered into a formal purchasing agreement, then you need to be aware of your responsibilities to that particular RTO. The purchase agreement will outline the products and services the employer has decided to purchase. Discuss this further with your RTO so you know what your responsibilities are.

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