If there are specific skills or training needs that you are looking for, RTOs can customise a course that targets those needs. Rather than complete a course that has a lot of irrelevant information, be specific when you talk to the RTO about what you need to learn and make sure that you obtain a course that is relevant and targeted to you. Accredited courses are flexible, meaning that it is possible for RTOs to delete units, add units and mix it around.

There are some course rules however, that you need to be aware of. This ensures that the course does add up to be a recognised qualification of some kind. These are just some rules that RTOs must abide by when customising a course which include identifying:

  • All units which are absolutely essential to the qualification.
  • Other units of competency which can be added or removed without endorsement.
  • The type and number of units of competency that can be added or removed without affecting the qualification’s integrity.
  • The extent of possible modification.

If the course is changed outside the boundaries of these rules, then it will require separate accreditation to be recognised as a qualification.

There are some components of courses that are compulsory and will not be able to be removed from the course framework.

Do you have a specific training course that you require customising today?

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