CSQ Enrolment Form

How to Enrol with Global Training Institute and CSQ Funding:

5 simple steps

Understand your Course and Funding: 

Before you can apply to enrol, the Australian Government requires us to be able to provide proof that you have been given all the required information to make an informed decision about studying with us. To provide this proof please read, fill out, and agree to the conditions of the form below. You will then be taken to your enrolment form to complete.

1. Your Course: Ensure that you are comfortable and understand about the course you are applying to enrol in and that you believe you will get benefit from completing it.
Read about your course and download the Course Information Flyer on the webpage for your course on www.globaltraining.edu.au.
Ensure you meet the course entry requirements listed on the page.  Give us a call if you have any further questions about the course. 

2.  Studying with Global Training Institute:  To become familiar with all the policies and information regarding how studying occurs, your rights and obligations eg communication between us, issuing your qualification, withdrawals, refunds, complaints etc read the Student Handbook and student forms.  The up-to-date versions will always be available to you in the website footer and in your Online Student Area.
Download the Student Handbookclick here.

3. If Doing VET Student Loans: Ensure you have read and downloaded the: VET Student Loans Information Book. For all official and up-to-date information about VET Student Loans https://www.studyassist.gov.au/vet-student-loans 

Apply: Complete the online Enrolment Form for CSQ below.

USI: When completing the enrollment form you will need to provide copies of the following: Unique Student identifier Number (USI), Click here to read more about USI Numbers. You can also Click here to get your USI (Takes approximately five minutes).

Eligibility Requirements: You will need to make sure that you meet the eligibility requirements for both the course you want to study and for CSQ funding. For more information on CSQ Funding and Eligibility requirements, please see the CSQ funding information page found here.

Residency Status: You will need to provide proof that you live or work in QLD. This can be any Commonwealth or QLD Government issued document providing evidence of living location, or employer-issued document confirming your employment in QLD.

Credit for Previous Study:  If you are wanting Credits for any previous study, ensure that you attach your official Results Statement for that previous study with your application.

Course Offer: We will confirm your eligibility for CSQ funding & study in the course. We will notify you if we still have funded positions available and if all OK, offer you a place.

Accept – Arrange student fee payment: To accept your study place and officially enrol in your course, arrange your student fee payment.  Fees can be paid by you individually or by your Employer.

If Applying for VET Student Loan: You will be sent your VET Student Loans application form (eCaf form) after 2 working days of us receiving your enrolment form.

Enrolment Confirmation and Get Started: We will then officially enrol you in your course, send you your Confirmation of Enrolment letter, allow you access into your Online Student Area (where you will find your Training and Assessment materials) and get you started on your course with your Trainer.

If paying via VET Student Loans, you will not be able to commence your course until we receive notification from you that you have completed your Ecaf VET Student Loans application.

If you have any questions or would like to enrol over the phone, please click the button below, or give us a call on 1800-998-500

Enrol Over the Phone