COVID-19 (coronavirus) advice for the GTI community

This page provides advice and information about support available to GTI students and staff.

We would encourage you to check this frequently as it will be updated regularly.
We understand that this is a worrying time for many in our community.
We want to assure our staff and students that as a company we are following latest guidelines from the Government and are being proactive.
The health of our staff and support for our students are our main focus at this time.
Risk management procedures, policies and procedures have all been updated and implemented.

Information for our community – Key points

Already 100% online!  Working as Normal.  Remaining Open for Business.  Welcoming new students.

Complete your qualification quickly.

Trainers have been allocated additional hours to work closely with students that wish to complete quickly.

Going forward with COVID-19 (coronavirus):

You can have peace of mind knowing that we are being proactive and looking to stay ahead.

We have in-stock enough general supplies including qualification frames, folders etc to last us for many months.
We are OPEN and supporting our students to gain their qualifications.

We ask that everyone observes the advice from government to prevent the Coronavirus Disease from spreading.

Support for current students

Don’t be anxious – get active!

Turn any extra time at home, into getting your units and qualification completed quickly.
Any extra time you now have due to not being able to attend social gatherings, or if required to work from home or do self-isolation, be proactive and use this time to work on completing your qualification.
Everything you need (learning materials and assessments) are available online to you in your Student area.
Your regular phone sessions with your Trainer will still occur, even if your Trainers are required to work from home.

Easiest way to complete quickly

Do this for any units that you have experience in and can provide workplace documents to match.
Just set up extra appointment times with your Trainer.  Allow 2 x 45 min phone sessions per unit.
Most students love this method – save typing, and your Trainer can keep asking questions till they get the information they need.

Your Qualifications will be issued as soon as all payments and required documentation and evidence have been provided.

Should you need personal support during this uncertain time, please contact us.  We can arrange a free counselling session for you.

100% Online

Unlike universities and schools who require time to change and implement online learning, GTI has been operating 100% online training now for over 12 years.

Thousands of students have completed their qualifications with us online.

Support for Staff

We want our staff to remain healthy during this time so that they can support our students and their families.

We have been working proactively with our staff to ensure that all staff can work from home, online access, extra computers, phones etc

If working in-house from our New South Wales or Sunshine Coast offices, all measures have been taken to care for the health of our staff.

New Students

We are welcoming new students.

Enroling each weekday and access to your course the next day.
NOW is the perfect time to gain your qualifications and letters after your name.

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