At Global Training Institute we love to see people step achieve their career goals and receive promotions through the skills they achieve when doing an online qualification with us. One of the skills that you will learn with us no matter what qualification you are doing is communication. Communication is recognised as a vital skill to have when wanting to advance your career or find a job. You may be the absolute best on the field, but if you are unable to communicate your ideas in a clear and concise way, you will be lost in the multitude of others vying for the same position.

Here are some communication tips to help you along:

  1. If you are presenting an idea, writing a resume, giving a speech or in an interview, it’s important to know how to organise everything that you would like to say in a coherent way. Identify the main points that you need to cover and practice saying, or writing, them in the clearest way.
  2. Engage your Audience. No matter what situation you are in, engaging your audience is a vital communication skill. People will generally decide within the first ten seconds of a speech, a conversation or when reading a resume, whether they are impressed by the person or not. Ask questions, smile, and speak with energy. When writing, lay out the document in an eye catching way and ensure spelling and grammar is correct.
  3. How does it benefit them? People will listen or read with more engagement if they know that they will benefit from the experience. When giving a speech, or partaking in a discussion, ensure you identify and possibly highlight how they will benefit from what you have to say.
  4. Personal credibility. When communicating, be aware of different stories or examples you could give about yourself that help people realise what you have done and how credible you are.

These are very simple tips for effective communication, and there are many more. At Global Training Institute, we offer many shorts courses in the area of communication including: Conflict Resolution Skills, Communication Strategies, Interpersonal Skills, presentation Skills etc.

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