What is Career Development?

We hear the words ‘career development’ spoken all the time, but what does it actually mean? A simple, yet concise definition of career development is the intentional and proactive planning and execution of steps towards your desired career goals.

At Global Training Institute we want to see people achieve their career goals by helping them gain qualifications so that they have the options to progress within their industry. By recognizing the skills one has achieved through their work experience, we can fast-track their qualification so that their experience is formalised.

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But why is Career Development important? Why should someone care about their career?

  1. Career development planning and execution helps you to regularly take a step back and assess where you currently are in relation to where you are heading. It eliminates the possibility of ‘going with the flow’ and allowing months and years to slip away from you.
  2. If you are aware of your career goals and desires, you will generally look and find work that is truly suited to you. If you are in a position you enjoy and find fulfilling, you will find work so much more enjoyable.
  3. As you plan and begin achieving your career goals, the possibility of promotion increases dramatically which results in a higher income!

If you have a particular career in mind and you aren’t sure of how to get there, visit our website to view our career pathways or contact us if you are considering up skilling.

For more information about career and success, Contact Us at Global Training Institute. At Global TrainingInstitute we are passionate about helping people succeed and achieve their career and life goals. GlobalTraining Institute is a Registered Training Organisation and offers accredited online training in the areas of Management, Business, Civil Construction, Local Government, Governance, Mining, Leadership andProject Management.

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