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Developing your business and the people within it, through business training and business courses, is vital to its growth. Global Training Institute has created a Business and Entrepreneurship Career Centre with training courses designed to help you meet your business needs and corporate obligations.

Our Business and Entrepreneurship Career Centre is one of Australia’s leading business schools, and is a powerhouse of business education in the Asia Pacific region. Courses within the school are ideal for:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Franchises
  • Medium size businesses
  • Small business owners
  • Business start-ups
  • Administration Staff
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Here’s what our students say about our courses…

“The Course helped me understand how to market my business more. I also learned how to manage cash flow financial spreadsheet which is helpful in developing my work skills.” – Kellie Phillips

“The greatest epiphany I obtained from the training was learning of the 5 business KPIs and how even small incremental increases in these can have a dramatic increase in profit. The course was comprehensive and wasn’t just theory, it applied directly to my business and because of this I would recommend it to others.” – Timothy Daly

“This is my second Diploma completed with Global and I have always found the office support staff to be very helpful in responding to my queries. As with any kind of learning there is always a benefit and I picked up different elements from all of the elements of the course. The most helpful aspects of the training were looking at business structures and how to best manage them.” – Graham Bickerstaff

“The course was very comprehensive. All the training was well put together and I would recommend it 100%. Supervisors and Managers should do it. The assessments were easy to follow and complete. The support was easy to access when I required it. I improved my project management and OHS tasks at work as a result of the training.” – Jared Lord

Global Training Institute offers 6 main funding options…

Limited Funded places may be available from the following Government and Industry Programs. To find out more details, to see if we have places available and if you are eligible, go to our Funding Options.

Any Questions?

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