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Business and Administration Career Centre

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Certificate IV

Certificate IV in Business

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Diploma of Business Administration

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Diploma of Business

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Diploma of Quality Auditing

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Advanced Diploma

Advanced Diploma of Business

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You can improve your skills by completing qualifications and short courses. Here at GTI, we have a wide range of short courses and also specific qualifications such as Certificate IV in Business, diploma of Business Administration and Diploma of Business.
The other key thing to do is to learn and become proficient in typing, how to use a computer and computer software programs eg word and excel. You need to be up to date with technology.

Every business needs good Administration staff. Having strong and current office and administration skills increases your employability and ensures that you are able to help the business to run smoothly and efficiently.
These courses will provide you with latest office skills.
If you are looking to ‘stand out’ from others when applying for jobs, then having Business and Administration qualifications will help you do just that.
Others may have skills but will struggle to show the future employer this. Your qualifications will show them that you have both the skills and knowledge.

Yes. Gain recognition for the administration skills you already have – contact us to match the best qualification for you.

Administration staff are needed in EVERY business in EVERY industry.
Take your pick you can work in a large company as part of the administration team or in a small company, responsible for the administration and office?

Business and Administration Careers

Now is the time to advance your business administration or office career. This is your last opportunity to complete a specialised Business Administration course which is highly valued by employers and industry.

From 2021 the Diploma of Business Administration will no longer exist as it will be merging into a generic Diploma of Business.
Enrol now as you only have a limited window of time to get started!

If you complete this course now there will be so many opportunities open to you including…

  • Lots of Baby Boomers will be retiring from government over the next few years, – lots of administration jobs are going to become available – opportunities in all sectors.

  • Services industry growth – Aged Care, NDIS

  • Government Stimulus Packages- large infrastructure projects

  • Energy, resources and mining

  • Running your own business doing outsourced admin services eg being a VA (virtual assistant)

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Here’s what our students say about our courses…

“I found this a good program to do online. The RPL process had good, clear instructions and any question I had was always answered by the friendly team. Many aspects of the training had a significant impact on my personal growth, including management of meetings, formal processes to follow in project management and workflow systems.” – Craig Eustice

“I found the training has a significant impact on my life in term of personal growth. Doing the assessments gave me a renewed passion for my business. I think the marketing area was challenging but using it in practice has increased my clients, doing the business plan was very eye opening and helpful. I believe the training helped me with a goal for the future. Not to mention the support I received was exemplary.” – Louise Austin

“I have been working in this type of role for a number of years now, so the most significant impact I have had is being able to solidify the knowledge I have and to expand on a few of these items. The greatest aspect for me is the support offered as doing any course by correspondence can be difficult to make the time and not let it “slide”. The constant contact keeps the course in the forefront of your mind all the time” – Graham Bickerstaff

“I was provided with sufficient support whenever I needed it. Generally, the course(s) formulised my previous experiences. The one major advantage to me is that now I have qualifications which support my experience, this is very important in the job market. The course assisted me with many aspects of my daily work, and duties. I would recommend this program to others, being able to undertake all course activities in my own time and submit online.” – Stuart Cowhig

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