Civil Construction Testimonials

Complete your Civil Construction Course with GTI and be equipped in Civil Construction.

Civil Construction Companies are looking for civil construction workers who have trained. If you are in the civil construction industry, complete a civil construction course to gain further opportunities with civil construction companies.

Thank you Anne and Shane for the support and guidance during my 2 Diploma courses. I would thoroughly recommend Global Training Institute to any person whom is looking to update their (civil construction) qualifications. The staff were extremely friendly, knowledgeable and expedient with any problems or questions that were raised. It would appear that there may be a promotion in the near future for myself and without a doubt I believe that this was granted with your help. Thanks again.Steve Wallis, Superintendent, Golding Civil Contractors

I have now completed 5 qualifications with Global Training Institute. My Diploma of Civil Construction Management, Diploma of Project Management, Diploma of Management, I then went on and completed my Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction and my Advanced Diploma of Project Management. The Diploma qualifications helped me greatly to get a new position with a company that I really enjoy and came with a great package. I was very happy with the structure and presentation style used for the course. The knowledge can be applied to civil works. The Trainers were very good at allowing all students to comprehend the course. The learning’s also have benefits outside of work.” Tony Grey, Executive

After being employed in Civil Construction for 35 years, I found the course to be covering really well all aspects needed for our jobs as Supervisors, Superintendents, Foreman etc. Very happy. Eveything was done well and yes I would recommend others to do the course. It is important to be recognized for your skills. The Trainers and support staff at GTI are very helpful.Randy Lewis, Superintendent

Our graduates consist of civil construction workers from a variety of civil construction companies. Hear their stories and how their civil construction course affected their career.

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