Organisations that place a high value on training their employees are often the most successful and thriving companies. The organisation reaps the rewards of better skilled/trained workers who are more versatile and innovative, while employees enjoy the opportunity, and privilege, of up-skilling, networking, being challenged with new ideas, and more. Employees appreciate the opportunity to do something out of their normal routine that stimulates their thinking in a new way and formalises the skills they are developing in their everyday jobs. Training only increases employee motivation and inspires them to take on more responsibility and challenges.

Civil Construction Training

Whether your organisation needs training in Business, Management, Project Management or Civil Construction, we can help!

Introducing one of our graduates Rod Caldicott who completed the Diploma of Management with us. Hear about how this qualification has benefited him in many areas. Maybe this type of training will also assist your employees in their current positions, who give them skills that will allow you to utilise them in other areas of the organisation.

Here are some tips for employers wanting to support training in the workplace:

  1. Ask and allow employees to find courses that they are interested in doing, and encourage their participation.
  2. Encourage employees to consider working on a degree that is relevant to their current work. (This helps formalise what they are doing at work).
  3. Before your employees attend a course, take the time to ask them what their goals are for the training, what they hope to get out of it and what they endeavor to bring back to the organisation.
  4. After the training, ask employees what they learned, how it challenged them, and how they are going to apply knowledge to their current job.
  5. Have the employee share what they learned with others in a workshop or seminar.

Rest assured that our online training is matched to the Australian Qualifications Framework to ensure that all students receive high quality training that is recognised nationally and internationally.

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