In our last two blog posts we have discussed motivating employees. We found a few more excerpts that we found interesting and thought we’d share with you…you never know who will find the gold in these little nuggets!


It’s a fact

President Lincoln, when told that General Ulysses S. Grant had a drinking problem, and well aware that Grant was his only winning general, replied: ‘If I knew his brand, I’d send a barrel to the other generals.’

According to Peter Drucker, each of us is abundantly endowed with failings and weaknesses.

‘The effective executive is as hidebound as everyone else,’ says Drucker. ‘He differs, though, in that he is willing to ignore individual weaknesses, including his own, and focus instead on bringing out people’s strengths. He concentrates on what they can do, not what they can’t, as his criterion.’

Which is why, if you want to get the most out of your staff, you’ll need to know what motivates people.

Hitting the hot buttons

How do you motivate people to perform more efficiently or productively? The answer, according to the experts, is to fulfil these five needs:

  1. Economic security. People must know that their time and effort will be fairly rewarded.
  2. Emotional security. Your staff really want to feel comfortable with, and trust, their employers. This means working in a stable workplace.
  3. Recognition. Your staff should feel that their work will be appreciated and praised.
  4. Self-expression. A stable workplace ensures that employees have the right to voice their suggestions, communicate their ideas and opinions without fear of retribution by management.
  5. Self-respect. Good management goes out of its way to protect and build up the self respect of its workforce.


Wise words

“Managers manage the motivation of employees. It is a complex task. If you have 20 people reporting to you, you’ll find 20 different sets of motivating factors. Identifying and enhancing those motivating factors is unquestionably one of your most challenging responsibilities.”

(Thomas Quick in ‘The Manager’s Motivation Desk Book’.)

“To motivate a team you need to investigate what motivates you. Understand this and it will help you analyse what motivates others.”

(Arthur Young in ‘The Manager’s Handbook’.)

“Managements have always looked at man as an animal to be manipulated with a carrot and a stick. They found that when man hurts he will move to avoid pain – and they say, ‘We’re motivating the employees!’ Hell, you’re not motivating them, you’re moving them.”

(Frederick Herzberg, quoted in ‘Effective Management and the Behavioural Sciences’ by William Dowling.)

“If there is single overarching trend in the study of motivation at work, it is the growing awareness of the importance of such intrinsic factors as a sense of achievement and pride arising from doing the work as contrasted with such extrinsic factors as reward and punishment.”

Robert Owens in ‘Organisational Behaviour in Education’.


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