Being more promotable is something that we all should work hard at being.  It is a delicate subject and one that should not be taken lightly.

The hard part about being more promotable is that you need to determine what your boss will consider promotable behavior and making the right adjustments that will be good for you and for everyone else involved.

1 – Observe Peoples Needs 

You need to figure out what you or your boss wants from you first.  This will apply to your personal life and your business life as well.  When you are observing what the needs of everyone are, you will be better able to understand what the importance of it all is.

You need to think about the performances that you do and how you achieve your current goals.  Look for ways to make your life easier and more successful and then go after them.

2 – Let It Be Known

Let everyone know that you have more to offer.  Take the opportunity to do this whenever you are ready for more promotable lifestyle or when you want to go further in your career.  You should take the time to think about what you can do to make yourself more valuable to the company and go after it.  Do what you feel is right and make decisions that are going to be best for you and your situation.

3 – Keep The Records

Keep good records of what you are doing. If you are looking to be more promotable in your career, you should keep exact records of the accomplishments that you have in life.  You need to keep these records so that you can use them to help you determine what you need to do and to show others what you have already done.  It is hard to dispute your accomplishments when you have them down on paper and recorded.

4 – Develop New Ideas

You can also develop new ideas for your promotable lifestyle.  This can be done for work or for play.  There is always something to think about and you can concentrate on making good choices and bringing new ideas to the table when possible.  Take the initiative to be a more creative person and bring in new ideas and creations when possible. Do not be afraid to try something different and let this be a learning experience for you.  You will find that the only way to make a difference in your own life is if you take the time to make changes where needed and be the more promotable person that you are dreaming of.

5 – Up-Skill

Get more training if you think that you need it?  This can be for home experiences or for your career.  If you want to learn more and become more productive, you will have no excuses not to go after it and insist that you make it in life.  You cannot accept failure as an option.  You need to be strong and think about the goals and dreams in life that you have. When you are taking chances and making good decisions about your promotable career, you will find that life gives you so much more and you can expect to have a full and prospective lifestyle as well.

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