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  Work Productivity
Short Course PD Bundle

Work Productivity

Improve your work productivity by purchasing this shortcourse bundle.


Lean Process And Six Sigma

The ideas of Lean have existed for nearly three centuries but have gained a lot more popularity in the last ten years. Small, mid-sized and large companies have applied Six Sigma to successfully increase profit and savings. Six Sigma is a data-driven approach that identifies and removes defects and waste in business processes to ensure that the business runs as effective as possible. Sigma refers to a way of measuring quality and performance by identifying defects and systemically removing them to continually improve business processes. This online tutorial will equip participants with the necessary skills to activate Six Sigma in their own organisations to ensure efficiency, increase flexibility and remove waste and lack of management. To read more about this shortcourse, click here

Performance Management

Performance Management is not a company’s way of employing “micro-managing” techniques that stunt the professional growth of its employees. But rather, it is a strategic approach to ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization. Whether at the organizational, departmental or employee level, the goal of performance management is to make sure all business goals are being met in a satisfactorily manner. To read more about this shortcourse, click here

Personal Productivity

Someone once said, “Ordinary people think of merely spending time. Great people think of using it.” Have you ever wished that there were more hours in the day, or that life wasn’t so busy? Do you ever feel like you miss out on things you love because time runs out? Most people wish that days were longer than 24 hours. However, often it is not the lack of time, but the way we manage that time that leaves people feeling unproductive. This online tutorial will show participants how to organize different aspects of their life to find hidden moments of time previously unseen. Participants will discover how to establish and implement routines, set goals, create an environment that promotes efficiency and use time management planning and tools to maximize personal productivity. To read more about this shortcourse, click here


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