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On-going Mentoring and Coaching
To ensure that the priority and success of the organisation is progressing – keeping you on track.

  •  for support, encouragement, prioritising and solution finding
  •  Skills transfer of management, leadership, business knowledge to Managers and Key People through coaching sessions.- Business, Management…
  •  Identify areas for improvement
  •  Implement plans and strategies identified

To achieve high quality performance and results means you need to operate at your best. Our team of highly skilled coaches and mentors will work closely with you to achieve amazing results and growth for your department. Together you will work through any challenges you might be experiencing and make sure you are applying what you have learnt to your position.
Together, we’ll select the Best Strategies for YOU from hundreds of strategies including:

  •  311 practical management strategies
  •  43 strategies to train and retain employees
  •  12 ways to find employees
  •  17 ways for team building and culture change
  •  35 strategies to reduce risk
  •  41 strategies for legal & admin. control
  •  37 ways to control production

Business Planning
Our Consultants will work with you to write your business plan for your organisation or department or a new venture you would like to start.

  •  Developing with you a plan for your organisation or department and how you are going to make it work
  •  Clear steps to guide you with what to do, when to do it, and what outcomes to expect
  •  Strategies to maximise profits and employment from the business
  •  Developed to a level to help you obtain finance if required

Succession Planning for Management
30% of Managers are set to Retire in the Next Five …
With 80% of middle and senior managers, now aged over 50, a lot of mangers will be wishing to retire.
Is your organisation ready and are you prepared? Succession or Exit Planning takes time…

  •  What would happen if you lost a key member of your staff?
  •  Would the knowledge stay with the company or walk out the door?

Our Consultants can help you with the successful exit of managers.
Strategic Planning
Our Business Development Consultants specialize in facilitating strategic planning sessions and assisting you to develop a Strategic Plan for your organisation
Developing a Clear Direction and Strategic Plan for your Organisation

  •  Have everyone on your side by sharing your clear and concise vision
  •  Identify growth opportunities
  •  Stop being side tracked by setting your rules for determining which opportunities you proceed with
  •  Ensure things get done by prioritising and determining timelines for opportunities identified
  •  Create an action list, with people responsible, to move forward – for higher priority opportunities

Conducted and facilitated over meetings, sessions, workshops, retreats as suits your business.
‘Excellent strategic planning weekend. Having it facilitated meant we listened to other people’s views with an open mind. We gained a better understanding of our club and its potentials. Great new ideas. We were very happy with the whole process.’ Mal McDougoll, Brothers Sports Club, Bundaberg
‘We were absolutely delighted. Our time together has given us a vision to move forward, renewed enthusiasm, and produced a step by step plan to achieve goals beyond our expectations. We worked out strategies to provide excellent value to members whilst being very viable. We highly recommend Shane and his team to any organisation looking to thrive and not just survive.’ Lisa Nicolle, Hardware Association of Qld.

Operational Planning
Global Training Institute can facilitate your Operational Planning process to maximise its chance of success. Often a facilitated operational plan helps put realistic time lines on activities, ensuring that the plan is not doomed to fail from the start.
Your operational plan clearly states the step by step actions needed to implement goals and strategies identified in the strategic or business plan. An operational plan details the actions required to implement each strategy, assigning responsibilities, setting timeframes, identifying resources required and indicating what difference the specific actions will make.

Feasibility Study
For your top new opportunity. Undertake a study to see if the opportunity may work.
A Global Training Institute Consultant explores the opportunity, develops a written plan including financials and reports back to your organisation.
The study may consider the following:

  •  Skill transfer, Utilising of current local skills
  •  Ensure the opportunity is not short-lived by considering Future Trends
  •  Understand what the absolute minimum input is required to make profit or break-even
  •  Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats and Opportunities of the opportunity identified – no hidden pot holes

With 80% of businesses failing in the first 5 years and another 80% in the next five years, do not waste good time and money on an opportunity without first determining how well it will go or how many people will frequent the business!

Policies, Procedures and Systems
It is critical that organisations have policies and procedures to assist in its governance and consistent delivery of quality services to clients.
If you fid yourself

  •  having a funding body who requires systems, Policies, Standards or Procedures
  •  constantly telling people what they can and can’t do in your organisation
  •  constantly being interrupted

then you will benefit from developing policies and procedures for your organisation.
Clear policies can provide the organisation and community with clarity and consistency by creating common expectations and understandings about how things are done.
Policy development should include a process of collaboration and gathering information and working with others to develop the best plan of action. Our Consultants help you through this process and facilitate it for you.
Our Consultants will develop with your organisation, through workshop style, the policies and procedures that you need.
YOU will have “peace of mind”, knowing that you are dealing with an experienced organisation, business development consultants, trainers and facilitators who are committed to your success.