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Great News for Dance Teachers…

You can finally now gain Your Nationally Recognized Dance Teacher Qualification.

You can have all your skills gained through dance and teaching recognized as formal qualifications.

Please Note: You will be required to provide a First Aid Certificate (obtained externally) in order to enroll in this course.



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Australia has recently introduced National Dance Standards and Dance Teaching Qualifications including:

  • Certificate III in Assistant Dance Teaching (12 units) Job role: Assistant Dance Teacher  (5–10 year-olds) – (Training Soon)
  • Certificate IV in Dance Teaching and Management (14 units)  Job Role: Dance Teacher; Dance fitness instructor (Available Now)
  • Diploma of Dance Teaching and Management (15 units) Job role: dance studio manager or teacher (Training Soon)

Dance Teachers right across Australia are now flocking to get their current Teaching experience recognized and gain these qualifications to stay ahead of the game and their competitors.

Don’t be left behind

– Gain your Dance Teacher Qualifications now with Australia’s Leading Specialist Dance Teacher Institute – Global Training Institute.

Here’s 7 Reasons Why you need to gain your Dance Teaching Qualifications NOW

  1. Professionally –Be seen as and Qualified as the Professional Dance Teacher that you are. It makes sense to be qualified in what you do.
  2. Customers – those wanting to learn to Dance or Parents of children who want to dance, want to be taught by fully qualified Dance Teachers – provide them with the Peace of Mind they seek
  3. Make $ – Take advantage of all the extra people now wanting to dance – thanks to Programs like Dancing with the Stars, So you think you can Dance…
  4. Beat the Competition – Don’t be left behind – with other Dance Teachers quickly gaining their qualifications. Customers may choose to go to a different Dance School and not you based upon other teachers qualifications.
  5. Recognition – Gaining Your Dance Teacher Qualification allows you to have your existing experience and skills recognized and validated.
  6. Skills & Knowledge – stay up to date and gain the latest skills in teaching dance safely and professionally
  7. Widen your Career opportunities – your new Qualification is Nationally Recognized and allows portability of your skills across sectors in the dance industry.

There is a surge in numbers enrolling in all styles of dance classes why not stack the odds in your favor and…

Take advantage of this.

    “Dance is basking in wider public appeal and interest in Australia. The rise of competition television shows like ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ have led to a surge in numbers enrolling in all styles of dance classes. The huge number of dancing feet crossing studio thresholds is great news given that they are usually accompanied by smiling faces and healthy bodies, all of which are of course in the nation’s best interest.” Dance Australia National Dance Standards Background.

    The new Dance Teacher Qualifications and National Dance Standards are designed to make sure that the dance classes, teachers and material being taught are safe, supported and professionally assessed.

Gain your Dance Teacher Qualifications now + show your students and potential students you are qualified giving them the peace of mind knowing that you have the skills and knowledge to teach them dance professionally and safely.

    “The value of a dance class is significantly lessened if the teacher is unqualified, the material mostly improvised and the classroom unsafe. Recognising this need and wanting to create and set new standards leading to more employable dancers, the Commonwealth Government has injected its presence by creating a new set of national standards where, in effect, none had existed before.” Dance Australia National Dance Standards Background.

New Dance Teaching Qualifications provide great benefits for Existing Dance Studio Teachers

    “The new dance teaching qualifications do not replace the skills and experience already gained by dance teachers throughout their careers. Such experience gained through a lifetime cannot possibly be delivered through such a qualification. What they aim to do is to recognise and validate these industry-gained competencies and promote consistency of teaching standards. Currently (particularly in relation to the classical syllabuses) teachers must satisfy the requirements of their particular dance society. The development of these new qualifications does not change this at all. What they do allow for, however, is for these teachers to gain a nationally recognised qualification in addition to their dance society teaching qualification.”

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Have your Dance Teacher Skills Recognized and Gain your Formal Dance Teacher Qualifications now with Global Training Institute.

At last Dance Teachers can gain their Dance Teacher Qualifications without having to leave work and study full time.

  • Continue to Earn $ while you become qualified.
  • Students can choose to specialise in teaching any combination of classical ballet, jazz, contemporary or tap.
  • No exams, No essays – Practical assessments – Simply answer questions and provide evidence to match.
  • You can gain your Dance Teacher Qualifications online – available24/7 with Great support from experienced Dance Teachers
  • Use your knowledge in  your speciality Dance Area to gain your qualification – Basic Dance, Ballet, Jazz, Tap or Contemporary…

Global Training Institute promotes excellence in Dance Teacher Training, our courses focus on certifying only quality dance teachers and equipping them with the skills, knowledge and hope required to run a successful dance studio.  We aim to educate, inspire and support the Dance Community.