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civil construction training

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At last Civil Construction Leading Hands, Supervisors, Foreman and Superintendents can have a career pathway backed with formally recognised qualifications. With Australia now being in the middle of an unprecedented mining boom, and the associated infrastructure planning, a higher level of civil construction employees are now very much in-demand by employers and their qualifications and skills highly valued. Formal Civil Supervision and Management qualifications are valued in many sections of the industry including:

  • Earthworks
  • Roadworks
  • Drainage, Water and Sewerage
  • Power Stations
  • Gas and Mining
  • Bridgeworks
  • Fencing

View the Civil Career Pathway.

civil construction training

Civil Construction Qualifications

Our School of Civil, Construction & Mining offers you practical and relevant formal qualifications that have been specially designed for Leading Hands, Supervisors, Foremen, Managers, Project Managers, Engineers and Labourers wanting to advanced their career in the civil construction industry.

Completing a Civil Construction Qualification with Global Training Institute allows you to:Qualifiication Guarantee for Entrepreneurship training

  • Advance your career, through promotion or a new job
  • Put letters after your name, and have that ‘piece of paper’
  • Improve your workplace by applying new skills and knowledge

View the range of Civil Construction Qualifications below! Select the right Civil Construction training for you, and enrol today.



Civil Construction Qualifications can be completed online, online with residential workshops, and through in-house company training. Such flexibility allows you to complete your Civil Construction Qualification at your own pace and in your own time.Many Civil Supervisors and Foremen have been doing their job superbly for years, but now find that they need the formal qualification, the ‘piece of paper’, if they want to land a new job or move ahead in their present one. View the Job Outlook skills for Construction Managers.If this is you, then we get it. In fact we get it so well that we have had hundreds of students, just like you, who have had their experience recognised towards their Civil Supervision and Management Qualifications.

Now is the ideal time to formalise your experience and gain your:

Global Training Institute is a Registered Training Organisation, and the Qualifications that we award are recognised throughout Australia (with AQF standards met), and are highly regarded internationally.

Global Training Institute School of Civil, Construction & Mining provides ‘Real Solutions with Real Results’.