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Dance Teachers – Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballroom…
3 Reasons why YOU should complete Your
CUA40313 Certificate IV in Dance Teaching & Management…

1. Use your Dance Teaching Experience to become Qualified – Get the ‘Pat on the Back’ you deserve
 2. Help to Promote ‘You’ for New Opportunities – Jobs, Promotions, Contracts…
3. Help to Grow your Business and Student Numbers


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Now You Can Have Your Dance Teacher Skills Recognized and Gain Your Formal Dance Teacher Qualifications

Global Training Institute promotes excellence in Dance Teacher Training, our courses focus on certifying only quality dance teachers and equipping them with the skills, knowledge and hope required to run a successful dance studio.  We aim to educate, inspire and support the Dance Community.

Obtain your CUA40313 Certificate IV in Dance Teaching & Management anytime, anyplace using your current experience as a Dance Teacher.

  • 100% Flexible and Self-Paced
  • Designed for Existing Dance Teachers
  • Start Any Time
  • Unlimited Phone Sessions with Experienced Dance Teachers
  • Experience and Skills Recognized
  • Choose your Dance Speciality – Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Tap, Basic…
  • No classes to Attend. No exams. No essays

Learn Practical Step-By-Step Techniques For:

  • Teaching Dance
  • Teaching Effectively
  • Teaching Dance Safely
  • Running a Successful Dance Business
  • Dance Productions and Performance
  • Heath, Nutrition
  • Developing your Dance Instructor Career
  • Getting Hired for a Job as a Dance Instructor…

Here’s why You should complete Your Dance Teacher Qualifications with Global Training Institute

Convenient & Accessible:
No workshops to attend. No auditions.
Easy for you if you are Teaching. Busy, Family Life – No worries – Access your Online or via a USB stick and folder posted to you – so you don’t need to be tied to the internet, or be technology savvy. Access to assessments, results, resources and training 24/7; Study online, anywhere, anytime, day or night when suits you.

You can have flexible delivery of your course designed to match your needs and schedule – with no off the job or contact hours necessary, no classes to attend; Training sessions booked to best fit around your work hours – Day or Night, over the Phone; You can decide on your preferred contact and training method and how often you would like to be contacted. There is No minimum completion time unlike other RTO’s who say you must take 2 years – if you want to finish it in 6 weeks, or 3 months you can

Strong Support:
You will be treated as a Real Person and not a Number. You will have your own Completion Coach to work with you and be your own single point of contact. You will also get strong support also from office staff and your Trainers; Your Dance Trainer understands your Industry and work pressures; Fast turn-around of your assessments and logical feedback; Simple clear processes and clear expectations. Your efforts will be rewarded with gifts and motivation along the way.

Successful Completion:
Your successful completion is our Goal. Celebration when you complete – attend your Graduation Ceremony and celebrate your achievements; You have a great chance of actually completing the qualification with our high completion rate; There are assessment tips and verbal assessment instructions so you know what your Assessor is looking for; Gain all the support you need to complete;

Recognized & Relevant to Your Industry:
Your Training and Assessments will be relevant to your work as a Dance Teacher; Practical Work Based Assessments – No workbooks, exams or thousand word essays to complete; Your current workplace experience and knowledge will be recognized as you answer questions and use your Workplace Documents, and create videos of you teaching.

A fraction of some course costs + payment plans available – Risk FREE Guarantee – To help you with the finances there is a flexible payment options and ways to help make it affordable

Career or Business Goal Focus:
Design your Course based on your Previous Dance Experience. Choose the units in your qualification to match your Career Goals; Use your Career Planning Sessions with our Career Consultant; to clarify your options and chosen path. This career or business guidance and coaching service is free of charge, as a 1-hour telephone consultation, prior to your graduation. Raise your profile and access practical resources. Use qualification letters (post nominals) after your name.

For a very short time only SPECIAL BONUS

While completing Your Certificate IV in Dance Teaching and Management (CUA40313) in your own time, we will help you with:

1. Career Help. Helping you get that new job or promotion. Building your Professional Portfolio, Resume…

2. Business Help. Help you write ads, market and grow Your Business.

FREE qual info pack


Certificate IV in Dance Teaching & Management

National Code:


Nationally Recognized:

Yes AQF-Colour-Logo-for-website1NRT-Logo

Number of Units to Complete: 


Delivery Methods:

Total Flexibility – fit study in around your teaching, work and family commitments.

Online – no auditions or classes necessary.

Course Length:
3-12 months part time
Start Dates:
Flexible – Year Round Start Dates – mean you can start any time – Fast Start & Quick Access to your Course.

Based around Dance Teacher Modules – Teaching Dance Safely, Effective Teaching Methods, You as a Professional Dance Teacher, Business Systems, Dance, Movement and Performance Techniques.  Answer Questions, Provide Video Evidence of you teaching, Complete self assessments – all very practical and relevant to what you do.  Clear Instructions & Expectations – Use Sessions with Trainer to work through your Assessments – learn what is expected; Resubmit up to 2 more times if your Assessor requires extra evidence from you. Use your work experience and be recognized. Practical. No Exams, No Essays. Simple Process:

1. Answer Questions and complete Projects (many with Workplace based option); 2. Collect Workplace Documents or complete provided templates;3. Cross Match Answers & Evidence. 4. Submit


  • Flexible – Gain the amount of information you need and want – when and where suits you.
  • All materials are available Online and on your USB stick
  • Phone Training Session with Trainer – Flexible – Day & Evening Sessions available


What we are known for – Great Support for You. Be supported, accountable and motivated by your own Completion Coach, Trainers; Office Staff. Flexible – Design your communication and training times and methods to suit you: phone, email, fax, post…Your Trainer has wide Training experience and will be able to relate to you.

RPL Available:

Yes Credits for Past Studies (Cross Credit of Units):

May be available for Certificate IV, or Diploma units completed within the last 5 years. Phone us to check or send us a copy of your results showing the units studied with your enrollment form. Any we cannot credit, may be used for Recognition of Prior Learning, to support your understanding of the topic.

Units to complete

The following 14 units need to be completed.  Many of these will be combined and assessed under different modules – Teaching Dance Safely, Teaching Methods, Business, You as a Professional, Dance and Movement technique…

Core Units:

  • BSBSMB405 Monitor and manage small business operations
  • CUADTM401 Plan and organise dance classes
  • CUADTM403 Apply safe dance teaching methods
  • CUAPPM401 Contribute to the organisation of productions
  • HLTAID003 Provide first aid
  • TAEASS401B Plan assessment activities and processes
  • TAEASS402B Assess competence
  • TAEDES401A Design and develop learning programs
  • BSBWOR404 Develop Work Priorities
  • BSBWHS401 Implement and monitor WHS policies, procedures and programs to meet legislative requirements
  • CUACHR402 Create short dance pieces
  • SISCCRO302A Apply legal and ethical instructional skills

Elective Units (Choose 2) – that you have experience in – (your assessments will be based on these):

  • CUADTM402 Teach basic classical ballet dance technique
  • CUADTM404 Teach basic jazz dance technique
  • CUADTM405 Teach basic contemporary dance technique
  • CUADTM406 Teach basic tap dance technique
  • CUADTM411 Teach basic dance technique
  • SISCDAN301A Teach Recreational Dance (Hip Hop, Latin, Ballroom, Urban etc.)

Entry Requirements

  • It is open to all Dance Teachers who have a dance background.
  • Significant personal experience in dance and dance techniques – Provide a copy of your CV/resume, showing 3+ years as a student in a dance speciality – ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary or Recreational (Hip Hop, Ballroom, Urban, Latin…)
  • Experience in or desire to teach teaching in at least one dance speciality: ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary or recreational (Hip Hop, Ballroom…). Provide a referee to testify to your teaching – (Studio Owner, peer teacher, or a parent who’s child you have taught for 2 years)
  • Access to dance classes where you can teach lessons
  • Completion and passing of Dance Knowledge test upon enrolment
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills in order to lead and motivate dance students of various ages and abilities.

For experienced Dance Teachers, gaining your qualification is as simple as answering questions and providing evidence to show us your skills.

Possible evidence:

  • * Practical demonstrations – video your teaching and productions
    * Videos, photos of work, show programmes, e-portfolios
    * Job description
    * Assessment conversations ie: interviews with us
    * References and support from production companies, choreographers etc…

General Entry Requirements:

Motivation and a strong reason to complete and gain your qualification

Age:  18 years or older

Internet Access: Required – can be periodically

Technical Requirements:

  • Computer that will run the current version of Open Office or Microsoft Office.
  • Method of listening to audio – headset or speakers out of laptop. Computer that has an i3 or equivalent and above processor chip.


  • Spoken English – Fluent
  • Written English – Yr 10 or higher – must be able to formulate correct paragraphs

Gaining your new qualification is easy with the following payment plan to help you.

Payment Plans

Our simple payment plans allow you to pay for your course over its duration.

10 mths x $495 per month

Ways to Help Pay for Your Qualification…

Tax Rebate -Your course should be 100% Tax Deductible if you pay for it and it relates to your work. Confirm your individual situation with your Tax Adviser.

Here’s an idea of how much you can be refunded…

If You Earn Over Then Get at least $ back approximately
Over $24,000 $1,044
Over $42,500 $1,786
Over $85,500 $2,033
Over $185,000 $2,473

 Here’s a quick summary of what you can look forward to…

Cert IV Dance Teaching Perks

ABC - Experience Recognised & cross match (RPL) - Burnt Orange

For a very short time only SPECIAL BONUS

While completing Your Certificate IV in Dance Teaching and Management (CUA40313) in your own time, we will help you with:

1. Career Help. Helping you get that new job or promotion. Building your Professional Portfolio, Resume…

2. Business Help. Help you write ads, market and grow Your Business.


100% Risk Free Guarantee – See More

3 Easy Steps to Enrol

  1. Download, Read and Keep the:
    1. Course Flyer
    2. Student Handbook
  2. To complete your Enrolment Application…
    1. Click the Enrol Now Button – You will be taken to the order form to organise your payments.
    2. You will then be asked to complete and sign your:
      1. Your Enrolment Form to be completed
    3. You will need the following documents with you to complete your Enrolment Form:
      1. A USI (Unique Student Identifier) number to enrol in this course. Click here to create one or click here to read more
      2. PDF copy or photo of Proof of Identity – Drivers License; Australian Passport; Australian Birth Certificate; Citizenship Certificate; Humanitarian Visa
      3. Photo of yourself – Head shot (can be taken with your phone)
  3. To finalise your enrolment, we will email you a link to complete your short Dance Knowledge Test (Allow 10  minutes to complete this.)  You can expect a call from us within the next 48hrs to notify you of your results and get your up and going.   If you have any challenges with your Enrolment or Dance Test, please contact us immediately at Global Training Institute on 1800 998 500 or email

We look forward to supporting you to complete your course and awarding you your highly valued and nationally recognized Dance Teacher qualification.

You can enrol today and start your qualification this week!

Fee For Service

Payment Plan – Interest Free
Pay via Monthly instalments on your credit card.

Tax Rebates – Individuals
Your course should be 100% Tax Deductible if it relates to your work. Get up to $4,488* back. *Click here to see how much you may get refunded. Confirm your individual situation with your Tax Adviser. 

To Enrol:

Click the Enrol Now button.  You will be directed through the following steps.

  1. Provide your contact details,
  2. Complete Pre-Enrolment Form
  3. Complete payment page
  4. Complete Enrolment Form

Should your application not be accepted, you will receive a refund of fees paid.

Enrol Now

Student Loans

1. Government Loan – VET STUDENT LOANS

$0 Upfront, Tuition fees fully covered.

Click here to view the VET Student Loans information book for more detailed information.

For all VET Student Loans Polices and FAQs – See Website Footer


2. Private Loans

Private Loan: Borrow all or part of your tuition fees through Study Loans Australia and pay it back over 6 – 48 months.