6 Easy Steps to Enrol with a VET Student Loans

1. Ensure you have read the: VET Student Loans Information Book, the GTI student Hand Book (Both are available in the footer), and the Course Information Flyer for the course you wish to enrol in (available on the course page).

2. Click enrol now and you will be sent to complete the online Enrolment Form for your course.

3. Proof of Citizenship eligibility: Please provide a copy of the required documentation as specified on the Vet Student Loans Overview page.

4. Please provide a copy of your Australian Senior Secondary Certificate of Education (Year 12 Certificate) OR
A certificate of qualification at level 4 or above in the Australian Qualifications Framework OR
you will need to complete a Numeracy and Literacy test.

5. You will be sent your VET Student Loans application form after 2 working days of us receiving your enrolment form. You will not be able to commence your course until we receive notification from you that you have completed your Ecaf VET Student Loans application.

6. You will be contacted by phone shortly upon completion of the forms. We will look forward to working with you soon.

Please Note: Your VET Student Loan Amount will equal your student fees price listed on the Schedule of Fees (available in website footer).

Enrol Now with a VET Student Loans